What’s on your tool belt?

Working as an Instructional Designer is not what is used to be. There is so much going on in our field it is hard to keep up with it all. So many new tools for designing and delivering training. What do you do to make sure your skills are up-to-date? You need to constantly be sharpening your tools.

I am sure some of you have watched that story on PBS, you know the one with that guy who moved to the Alaskan wilderness and built log cabin with hand tools then lived off the land for 30 years. It’s is pretty impressive. The show is called Alone in the Wilderness and his name was Dick Proenneke. 

So what the heck does this have to do with an ID’s tool set? Well hold your horses, I am getting there. The story is very fascinating to me. Partially because I love the outdoors. But there is more to it. Dick is showing us how he did it. He succeeded and even thrived where others failed. For example the not so successful attempt by Christopher McCandless who’s story did not end so well. He was not prepared for https://i0.wp.com/www.aloneinthewilderness.com/images/building_the_cabin/notching_logs_for_wall.jpgthe challenge. There was a movie about his adventures too titled Into the Wild a film directed by Sean Penn based on the book written by Jon Krakauer. Pardon me while I digress. So back to Dick Proenneke. I have watched that show many times with amazement. There is one major life message that I have gleamed from watching Dick’s adventures. The man spent a great deal of time sharpening and caring for his tools. As a matter of fact at one point he talks about the importance of caring for your tools. Basically he was saying that if you have the right tools and they are kept sharp your job will be much easier.

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