mLearnCon 2011

Another great year at mLearnCon conference for mobile learning. Year two proved to be a year of strategy. Company’s seem to know that they need to embrace mobile as part of their learning strategies. There where some serious questions as to how to implement mobile, what tools to use and technologies we should invests in. In my opinion it is to early to fully answer all of these questions. Again we tend to race to standardization when the possibilities have not fully evolved or been explored.

The key is to engage in mobile learning and follow the tech as it changes over the next few years. Hang on it will be a pretty fast moving ride. We should not get hung up on the how but focus on possibilities. Mobile presents opportunities to address training they way we naturally learn. I believe we learn best when there is an need. Mobile is out best option for just in time learning and can reach the learner where they need to learn.

As with all new types of technologies we leverage for learning we may need to reshape our content to fit the way it is delivered. In the same way we do not take a 8 hour classroom session and stuff it into an eLearning we will need to consider ways to fine tune our objectives and whittle down our content to fit mobile devices. We will also need to consider the fact the where and why may be different when it comes to mobile learning. We will be moving and may not be as focused when we bolted to our classroom chair or our desktop computer consuming an eLearning. The bottom line is mobile may force us to implement what we already know about learning and keep things simple. The fire hose approach to training just will not work for mobile. Refine your objectives, streamline your content and make it engaging.

To see the interviews I conducted with some of the thought leaders Check out Float Learning’s Blog.

I hope to see you next year