Is Khan Academy the next model for learning?

I have been following the Khan Academy since first saw the 2011 TED talk by Salman Khan. I think about the possibilities that it offers to education. How can we leverage this model to enhance the the way our education system works today. I love the theory of flipping the classroom. The student having access to video content to work through and explore at their own pace. Then the teacher can work closely with the student while they practice and apply what they learned.

At the end of his talk Bill Gates joins Salman and asks some really great questions about the Gamification and the role of mentors and tutors on the site. Bills closing statement really put a bow on the talk when he says “I think you got a gimps of the future of education”.

Salman Khan talk at TED 2011


Blogging vs Threaded Discussions in Online Courses | Connected Principals

I ran across this post and I think it is an important conversation. In the 90’s I worked at a start-up called a site that taught English to a Japanese audience. We created a community where students and instructors could interact with each other. It was a personal connection and created a bridge between student and teacher. This is an important aspect of distance learning. It also benefits corporate learning, it creates a place to connect with top performers with new employees. It is also a place for front line employees to connect with leadership. This builds a sense of community so people feel more connected to the organization. All of this is extremely important you have a distributed work force.

Blogging vs Threaded Discussions in Online Courses | Connected Principals.