Road trip to La Push Washington on the Olympic Peninsula


La Push map

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I thought I would share some sensory from my trip to the Olympic Peninsula. It was in June to celebrate my oldest sons Bryce’s Birthday.We started by talking the Edmonds Kingston Ferry

over to the Olympic Peninsula. Once across we would take State Highway 307 turning on 104 north. We followed 104 north till we hit Interstate 101. Follow 101 around the top of the Peninsula to the Pacific Ocean.

I love this drive. Here is a music video I created out of the GoPro footage on the Jeep. It was really my Teardrop campers first real outing. I am very please on how it has trended out. Few more tweaks and I think I will have it setup they way I want.

We camped in a camp ground out side of Forks Wa Called More Campground. Great place to stay but can be sold out in the Summer. You may now that is vampire country. Its the setting for the Twilight series. If you are a fan this place is a must.

If you do make it over to the further most tip of Washington state there are some fantastic beaches, parks and viewpoint. I recommend taking a several days and driving around the loop. You have to see the rain forest. For sure explore the Olympic National Park.  I love this resource by the National Parks Conservation Association.

La Push - Cave island

La Push – Cave island

We defiantly found lots cool places to hang out and explore. La Push beach is one of my favorite beaches in the Pacific. We spent some time there. I love photography and there was lots of birds including one of my favorite to photograph is the Bald Eagle. I was able to get nice on close to one for some great photos.

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

It was a great place to watch birds, boats and people. Lots of sand to play on. We watched the Coast Gard guys towing in a fishing vessel it seemed to almost get away from them at one point.



In-between the camp ground and La Push we found a great little place on the river to kayak, cool down in the water and have lunch.



I would have liked to have spent more time on the Peninsula but it was just a weekend get-a-way. We’ll have to get back out there soon.

Happy travels!