Seattle Is the New Seattle?

I just read an article by MTV about the new Seattle music scene. I guess I have been missing on all the good shows here in Seattle. I keep hearing of good bands playing here and there. A few of those bands have friends in them, or friend of a friend.  I need to get out and see more shows.

QMP Playing at Darrells Tavern April 2012

QMP Playing at Darrells Tavern April 2012

There are a few bands I am following and I get out to their shows occasionally  but not nearly enough. One of the Bands is QMP. I have known the drummer Jamie Jensen since I was a young ladd growing up in Yakima Wa. The first time I ever jammed with a real drummer it was Jamie. He was not old enough to drive yet so I went to his place and we loaded his drum kit in my VW Bug and drove it over to my garage. It was a blast but I am sure we scared a few cats away. Anyways, the band is made up of Scott Larkin Jefferson (bass/vox) – Jamie Jensen (drums) – Joe Longo (git/vox) – Rod Taylor (git/vox)

QMP working on the new stuff

The guys had a regional following in the 90’s then went on to do other projects & have families. They have remained friends and recently QMP started jamming together again as well as writing some music. They have been in the studio and sometimes home studios, working on an album for several months now. I have heard a few of the mixes along the way. The finished album sounds fantastic and was worth all the work they put into it. QMP was recently featured on KISW’s on Loud and Local with with Jolene

Check out the new album on iTunes titled Full Color Pictures of a Black and White World


Here is the MTV article that inspired this post.

Seattle Is the New Seattle | MTV Hive.

Geeks and Music

Did you know the band Boston was a band full of geeks. The founding member Tom Scholz went to MIT and after he graduated with a masters degree he went to work for Polaroid. With his phat techie paycheck he built a studio in his house and designed his own peddles for his guitar to get that very distinctive sound. He spent several years working on the first Boston album, recording demo after demo until he got the sound right. Tom played every instrument except drums on several of the hits. The first time I heard Boston it was on a borrowed 8 track player. I was on a long road trip and the tape looped over and over. I was listening through a pair of those huge 70’s headphones. Anyone remember those? The sound was amazing, it was one of the best studios albums of the 70’s. One of my favorite music experiences.


..close your eyes and slip away!

Social Experiance with Heart

Last night my wife April and I went to see the band Heart. As always it was a great show. These girls ROCK. Heart has recorded so many great song and they always play at least one Led Zeppelin song. (my other favorite band)  I am pretty sure most of you could sing a long with at least one of Hearts many hits. I have been to a ton of rock concerts in my life and not everybody sounds as good live as the do on vinyl or what ever you choice of media is. Yes I am one of “those”.  We have attended quite a few Heart concerts, pretty much every Seattle show. We are members of their fan club “Heart Mongers” that way we get to buy tickets before the general population. There is a very active forum on the site and people share stories and debate which songs are the best etc. (social point #1) Last night we 5th row center, perfect seats. (bragging here)

OK now to my real point here. As I was bouncing up and down snapping photos on my iPhone and posting them on Facebook, I though of something. I became very aware of how many people where doing the same thing. In the 70’s & 80’s people would be holding up their lighters. They did not allow even allow cameras. OK here is my point. This was not just a rock concert for a few thousand people it was a social event a shared experience. People were bringing their social network along with them. Posting photos, making comments, tagging friends that came with them. It does not stop there. Here is where the magic happens. Their social network was responding back by joining in. They where making comments, liking or even sharing out to their networks. Not only were we enjoying a concert, we were also having a social experience with all of our friends and family. ❤