Myth busted – The Golden Ratio

5d1c4952-47e9-49f5-b0b0-429f5f5c50c7-largeI am sharing an good article that looks at the design rule called The Golden Ratio. I have always felt that where there is a rule there is an exception. When it comes to design I think it’s always good to know the rules, accept them as starting points or guidelines then follow your gut. Lets face it what people find aesthetically appealing is subjective anyways.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? enjoy,


Here is the article on
The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth

College Lectures: Not the Best for Learning, Says New Study

sleeping-studentPlease tell me that we are not surprised at the results of this study. I believe most educators and learning and development professionals know that a good hands on experience or interactive module will achieve a better transfer than a lecture any day. Don’t get me wrong lectures have a place in learning but its just not where the real learning takes place. In my option lecture is the place for bringing all the experience and activities together, sort of connecting the dots. To me a lecture is sometimes like drinking out of a fire hose.

I always enjoyed the lab days in school. I still remember some of the experiments we did in science class. Who doesn’t remember lighting things on fire or dissecting frogs. Just saying! The value is in the experience and actually trying things for your self. This is where you start to see the value of concepts like the flipped classroom. There is nothing new about activity based learning isn’t that what an apprenticeship is? Learning while doing is where it is at. Below is the article that inspired this blog.

College Lectures: Not the Best for Learning, Says New Study | IdeaFeed | Big Think.

Put something extra in your presentation!

Ann at work…more like having fun

We added a little extra to our opening keynote presentation at the ASTD Puget Sound one day conference Ignite your Mojo. Not to detract from a fantastic keynote by Sam Herring CEO of Intrepid Learning Solutions. As Sam delivered his presentation “How Learning can drive Innovation Mojo.”  Ann Jess a Graphic Recording artist who owns a company called The Doodle Biz captured highlights visually on a large paper poster. It was really impressive how she transferred just the right points with colored markers. Everyone enjoyed viewing here final masterpiece. I love how it created an additional opportunity to review and further discuss the messages of the presentation. I also like the fact that you could not only hang the giant poster up at the event but you could also capture the poster with a camera to be distributed via social media, blogged or posted on a website. It is great how the visual message could live on!