My one political post and warning (opinion)

I posted this on my Facebook page this morning and felt compelled to share it here. It started a great conversation.

People before politics. This polarization is the real problem today. We need to focus on love and compassion for each other. We need to come together people! As people as friends and as a community.I cannot believe the amount of hate!!! I am amazed at the posts, comments, rants FROM BOTH SIDES. Each side pointing at the other as if they are the stupid an enemy. (hating) This is extremely dangerous to us as a society. We better wake of from this or we are not going to like where we end up. STOP the hate!!! I think people are a little to comfortable on social media sometimes. There is NO single presidency that is solely responsible for the situation our country is in. We have been asleep at the wheel my friends.

I guarantee that you have people in your friends list that will vote differently than you. Facebook is not a newspaper or even a blog when you speak you’re speaking to your friends. When you say that this candidate is a stupid idiot. You are pointing at some of your friends. We are headed down a slippery slope here. We sit in our chairs and complain about political policies pointing our fingers at the other guy ( Insert political party name and our friends who vote that way) . It is wrong for us to think that just because we vote we are involved. This is absolutely not true, if we want to change things it happens in the community. If we want change it starts in your heart first then with people talking to people one-on-one. Then getting involved in our local schools, church, state, county city, local governments.

This is my opinion I express it to you my friends with love and compassion.


~ jeff