Myth busted – The Golden Ratio

5d1c4952-47e9-49f5-b0b0-429f5f5c50c7-largeI am sharing an good article that looks at the design rule called The Golden Ratio. I have always felt that where there is a rule there is an exception. When it comes to design I think it’s always good to know the rules, accept them as starting points or guidelines then follow your gut. Lets face it what people find aesthetically appealing is subjective anyways.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? enjoy,


Here is the article on
The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth

Secrets to giving a presentation like Steve Jobs

Besides being an Apple fan boy, I am big fan of Steve Jobs. One of the many things that I respected about Steve was his power to get people excited. Besides Steves charisma on stage the fact is he was a great presenter.  His presentations drew you in, got you excited along with him he was a master presenter. There was something special about his presentations. There is no doubt that Apples product where innovative, exciting but I big part of made Apple products so great was Steve Jobs.  Steve carried the torch for Apple when he got on stage as well as off and when he launched a product it was magical well at least for the believers. Mac people are Mac The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs people they embrace the Mac culture, race to stand in line to be the first of their friends to buy the latest product. I have been a Mac-thusiast since the early days when I sold them on the retail floor. Even back then before the iPod, iPhone or iPad Apples products where exciting and a big part of it was driven by the passion of founder Steve Jobs. Every time Steve announced a new product people listened. He had a very engaging presence.

Here are some resources on being a great presenter like Steve.

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