Conversations in Learning

Shay Howe @ 1871 Chicago

Shay Howe @ 1871 Chicago

A several years ago I was attending at some conferences and wanted to capture so of the conversations and share them with others. I am not that great a taking notes so I decided sit down with some of the speakers and thought leaders and create a video or conversations. It has been a real privilege sitting down with some of these amazing people.

Paolo Tosolini @ DevLearn 2009

Paolo Tosolini @ DevLearn 2009

I have learned so much from each of them. I feel some of these people are like my family, I will not single anyone out but you know who you are. Anyway, I am still doing these interviews today. Keep checking the site for new interviews.

Here is my interview with Sam Herring of Intrepid Learning Solutions

You can view more of these in my Interviews section.

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