More iPhone coolness – Night Vision to iPhone

night-vision-300x168I have blogged about many other iPhone camera accessories. I love my Fostex audio attachment. I use it all the time for interviews. The iPhone has a great camera so it is only natural that people want to find cool gadgets to enhance it. I stumbled on this Night Vision kit. Not sure how I would use it but I am trying to come up with something.


Technology for Today’s Graduates


Who does not want tech? Today’s kids understand the value of tech and how to use it. They know that the value goes beyond the fun it brings them. They use tech as a tool. It seems to be natural for them as they are digital natives. Maybe we can learn from them.


10 quirky-but-awesome photo accessories you never knew you needed

I love this stuff. I just cant get enough. There are some things you just NEED. Like the iPhone lens adapter. I just got to have it. Photojojo is an iPhone mount for SLR lenses.

Check the rest of these cool accessories in the full article below.

10 quirky-but-awesome photo accessories you never knew you needed | Digital Trends.