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Some good insights here for upgrading to the latest Adobe Premier. I just upgraded to Maverick so I could update some of my Adobe CC versions. I have not pinpointed all the differences. I rely on the popup for setting the video properties on import. I will need a new workflow for this.

Zoe Opal East

When I started my project in Premiere I noticed some differences, and when I dropped clips into the timeline I had to scale them down by over half to fit into the space on screen. I though this was weird as usually a screen pops up when you being to chose sizes and settings. This is a difference between the CS6 version in uni and the Creative cloud version that I have. It became and issue when I wanted to use the warp stabilise tool on an unstable shot (WOW, that tool is amazing!) I tried to apply it and a warning came up, ‘Warp stabiliser requires clip to match sequence settings’ I didn’t really know what this meant.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.33.08

I googled some tutorial videos although they didn’t help. However one shot from one of the videos inspired me to search for the sequence settings (the box which was missing from…

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7 Simple Photography Hacks

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 9.59.31 AMI am always looking for new tips and tricks for shooting better or more interesting photos. There is so much to learn about photography it seems like I will always be a student but that is what I like about it. Here is a really cool video I stumbled on.


7 Simple Photography Hacks



10 quirky-but-awesome photo accessories you never knew you needed

I love this stuff. I just cant get enough. There are some things you just NEED. Like the iPhone lens adapter. I just got to have it. Photojojo is an iPhone mount for SLR lenses.

Check the rest of these cool accessories in the full article below.

10 quirky-but-awesome photo accessories you never knew you needed | Digital Trends.

mLearnCon & mLearning DevCon 2013 Program Chair Announcment

I am so honored to be part of such a fantastic conference and to work with such a great group of people at the Guild. As Program Chair it is my job to take a look at what is needed to design, develop and deploy learning content in today’s mobile landscape. The Guild team and I have been working hard over the past few months to build a great program for mLearnCon 2013. With the addition of mLearning DevCon to the conference it allows us to focus in the “how to” side of the conference. DevCon will focus on building the technical skills and learning the tools needed for developing & deploying learning via mobile devices. Today’s technology options are requiring us to acquire new skills, tools  and approaches. As learning and development professionals we need to be ready and this conference is designed to get you there.

Hope you will join us this year!


Tips for Using GoAnimate in eLearning by Gary Lipkowitz : Learning Solutions Magazine

Great article here about the use of animation and the tool GoAnimate. I am a big fan of both video and animation. In the past neither where considered rapid but now days there are a lot more tools and technology for both.

Tips for Using GoAnimate in eLearning by Gary Lipkowitz : Learning Solutions Magazine.