Road trip to La Push Washington on the Olympic Peninsula


La Push map

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I thought I would share some sensory from my trip to the Olympic Peninsula. It was in June to celebrate my oldest sons Bryce’s Birthday.We started by talking the Edmonds Kingston Ferry

over to the Olympic Peninsula. Once across we would take State Highway 307 turning on 104 north. We followed 104 north till we hit Interstate 101. Follow 101 around the top of the Peninsula to the Pacific Ocean.

I love this drive. Here is a music video I created out of the GoPro footage on the Jeep. It was really my Teardrop campers first real outing. I am very please on how it has trended out. Few more tweaks and I think I will have it setup they way I want.

We camped in a camp ground out side of Forks Wa Called More Campground. Great place to stay but can be sold out in the Summer. You may now that is vampire country. Its the setting for the Twilight series. If you are a fan this place is a must.

If you do make it over to the further most tip of Washington state there are some fantastic beaches, parks and viewpoint. I recommend taking a several days and driving around the loop. You have to see the rain forest. For sure explore the Olympic National Park.  I love this resource by the National Parks Conservation Association.

La Push - Cave island

La Push – Cave island

We defiantly found lots cool places to hang out and explore. La Push beach is one of my favorite beaches in the Pacific. We spent some time there. I love photography and there was lots of birds including one of my favorite to photograph is the Bald Eagle. I was able to get nice on close to one for some great photos.

American Bald Eagle

American Bald Eagle

It was a great place to watch birds, boats and people. Lots of sand to play on. We watched the Coast Gard guys towing in a fishing vessel it seemed to almost get away from them at one point.



In-between the camp ground and La Push we found a great little place on the river to kayak, cool down in the water and have lunch.



I would have liked to have spent more time on the Peninsula but it was just a weekend get-a-way. We’ll have to get back out there soon.

Happy travels!










10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home – Via HGTV

Over the past few months I have enjoyed learning about the real estate business as I have worked with my client Rain City NW creating video content to help market his business and sell homes for his customers. One thing that stands out is the amount of work that goes into listing and selling a home. I did not realize how much goes into this process. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes and it’s clearly a team effort. There are so many little details that need to be taken care of in order for the home to sell in a timely manner and for it to go for the price it deserves. You want to put your best foot forward so to speak.

I remember when I was young and my parents where selling their home the amount of extra effort my parents seemed to put into an open house. Specifically I remember my day putting on a DVD in the family room called Over Washington. He turned the sound all the way down but he was just looking for the visuals of the beauty of our area. We lived just south of Seattle at the time. The DVD was an amazingly done documentary of the scenery of Washington State. The cinematography was beautiful. I also remember that he would either have mom bake bread of cookies just before the open house. I remember the feeling it gave you as you walked into the house and interest the TV room.


Small details but it seemed to make a big difference when it came to how it made you feel in the house. Just this year when filming a video for Rain City NW I discovered they would bake cookies for the event. Sure they could have just swung by the store and grabbed some cookies but you would miss out on that home baked smell.

As in most things we do its the little things that make the big deference in the end. Sweat the small stuff. Go the extra mile.

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph”. ~Author Unknown

Here is the article that inspired this post. 10 Best-Kept Secrets for Selling Your Home site update

Mojocat_logo_2017I am excited to announce that I am relaunching with the refocus on video production, motion graphics and interactive media. The difference is I’m splitting my branding up.

I will point my domain to my old digital resume

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 4.55.10 PMfocusing on my instructional design career. The domain will be focused on my business Mojocat Creative Services. The new Mojocat site is draft one of a site build on WordPress. I have plans on taking this site to the next level but for now I am hoping this simple site will do. I think it does a pretty good job of explaining who Mojocat is and what we do. As acompanion to the domain Mojocat I will leverage the Facebook page

Have I confused anyone yet? I hope not.


Myth busted – The Golden Ratio

5d1c4952-47e9-49f5-b0b0-429f5f5c50c7-largeI am sharing an good article that looks at the design rule called The Golden Ratio. I have always felt that where there is a rule there is an exception. When it comes to design I think it’s always good to know the rules, accept them as starting points or guidelines then follow your gut. Lets face it what people find aesthetically appealing is subjective anyways.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? enjoy,


Here is the article on
The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth

Learning has gone to the Birds

eagleSince I was a kid I have been into birds. When I was about 12 my family lived on a small farm in central Washington. A friend of the family gave me some Pigeons. It was a great experiance for me taking care of them and learning about them. I could put them in a crate and take them anywhere to release them and they would be at home waiting when I got back. These birds where amazing creatures. I dreamed of learning how to raise falcons or hawks. I really developed a love for all birds. These days I love shooting photos of them and look for opportunities to do so. I love that I can mix two of my passions together photography and birds.

As a family we regularly vacation in Central Oregon. One of our favorite activities is going to the Nature Center. The have some amazing birds there, some of which they are rehabilitating. On one visit staff Naturalist Cody Osborn used an iPad to assist in his presentation and nature walk outside the center. He used a really cool app called iBird. The app is fantastic for identifying birds. It is a rich multimedia app. IMG_3740-150x150One of my favorite features is the ability to upload photos I have taken into the app. I can then play a slideshow and the app will cycle through the photo I have taken and play the corresponding bird songs with my photo. I think that is pretty awesome! The app has a tremendous amount of information about birds. I can see the value of this as not only a tool for in the field as they used it at the Sunriver Nature Center but also as a great tool for the classroom. Even better if the students can use the app as a foundational tool inside then move outside and further explore in the field.

Ijay spent this past Memorial Day weekend at my in-laws cabin as we normally do. One of the   simple little fun traditions in putting peanuts out for the Jays. We put them just outside on the deck so we can sit watch them swoop down and grab them. It is fun to watch. My dog Toby can do this all day!This time I happen to have my Canon XA10 with my so I strategically set in out with the peanuts just in front of it. I hope you enjoy the footage as much as I do.



7 Simple Photography Hacks

Screen shot 2014-05-14 at 9.59.31 AMI am always looking for new tips and tricks for shooting better or more interesting photos. There is so much to learn about photography it seems like I will always be a student but that is what I like about it. Here is a really cool video I stumbled on.


7 Simple Photography Hacks



Shooting Video with an iPhone

iPhone Rigging I’ve written several blogs on using your iPhone for video. I use my iPhone for some of the file leadership interviews I do and it works great. I saw this good video today on this exact topic. It’s a fun video and supports some of the things that I’ve been blogging about. Here’s the link to the video. Shooting Video with an iPhone.
Here are the links to the blogs I have written on the same topic.





Social Media Prediction: Video Is Going to Be Bigger Than Ever This Year

This setup is all pro-sumer level gear I came across this article today titled Social Media Prediction: Video Is Going to Be Bigger Than Ever This Year. I couldn’t agree more. If you been reading my blog you know I’m a video guy and I believe in the power of video. It’s exciting times for video.  Today’s technologies make video a great way to reach your audience. Web distribution for video is extremely accessible through channels like YouTube or Vimeo.  All of the social media tools handle video very well so making your video seen is pretty simple.  I have helped a lot of companies implement video into their learning and it has seen a great deal of success.

One aspect of video that is often overlooked is the fact that you can make one piece of content that will work on all platforms and devices.  It follows the old adage will once and deploy many. Video brings big value.

Okay I’ve heard it said the video is not interactive, I beg to differ. There is lots of ways the video can be used for interactivity. One really simple example is when used in conjunction with social media. The video can stimulate conversations, create questions and can be extremely provocative.

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon

I have also use video as components of classroom training, or e-learning as part of an interaction. For example, show a video and ask for a reaction to the video such as make a choice. I.e. did the salesperson in this video interact with the customer correctly?  Then, based on their interaction show another video as feedback.

Still I think there are some tricks to doing great video that require practice and skills not all organizations have.  But that’s why I’m here to help you get there!

Below is the article that inspired this post.

Social Media Prediction: Video Is Going to Be Bigger Than Ever This Year | Video |

The Best Action Camera: Spring 2014 Edition

Wearable cameras have become extremely popular especially for capturing action.   There are a lot of options  for these types of cameras out there and more are becoming available all the time. In the broader category of wearable cameras we are now seeing things like Google Glass. There’s a lot of uses for these types of portable video cameras. I’ve  seen a lot of–cam footage on YouTube lately especially from other parts of the world. There’s lots of interesting video captured from cameras mounted on people’s cars and vehicles showing crashes and near misses etc.  Some of this might fall into the category of citizen journalism.  You also see a lot of this type of video captured by law enforcement. Some of this has been used in court to protect officers and in some cases the citizens. But still the most popular video is capturing extreme sports sports. It’s become a big part of entertainment for us on the Internet. I  specifically love the GoPro videos with their amazing footage time with epic soundtracks. It’ll be interesting to see as these technologies get less expensive and more acceptable to see how people use them. I’ve tried a few of these but I own a GoPro I just love it. It’s been a great way to capture our family adventures. I love all the accessories and options for mounting the GoPro for me this is what makes it stand out.

Here is a video produced by my boys Evan and Alec of some of our adventures.

Here’s the link that inspired this post, a great recap of the options for wearable mountable action cameras.

The Best Action Camera: Spring 2014 Edition.

7 things small business should read before making a video

Found this article this morning and I will have to agree, so I thought I would share. Video is so powerful and much more feasible today than even ten years ago. Costs have come way down and it is much easier to distribute or share with your audience. I believe in the power of video. Especially for learning. It can act as stand-a-lone or part of an eLearning, it can be shared in classroom training to break up the the day and improve engagement. Video can also be extremely powerful when combined with mobile.  We have seen the rise of video though social media and its power with portals like Youtube. Video can be interactive as well. For example watch a video and make a choice based on what the video showed you.  I have helped many organizations take the first steps into adding video into their learning and development. It can be easier than you think, especially with a little  help and some mojo 🙂

7 things small business should read before making a video- San Diego Video Production Company.