New York Trip – Multi-Media workshop

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.55.44 PMI ran across this video I produced with my students of the ASTD Multi-media workshop. That was a really fun trip! I really enjoyed the people and sights of New York. I need to get back again soon.

The workshop focused on creating rapid video and audio without spending a ton gear. Desktop video and audio production.



Considering Online Course Delivery: A Graduate Learning Technology Student Perspective

Some great thoughts here on Online Course Delivery. This is looking at online courses beyond the corporate Learning Management System model.

Dr. Jennifer Miller-Ray

Why have we moved so many courses online?

Mobile platforms provide flexibility to a growing global market of adults seeking to improve skill sets needed within a 21st century workforce. Cellular applications used to access online learning content, along with the deliver of MOOCS, offer students convenient approaches to learning online. Globalization combined with an emerging demand from a previously absent third world population within the post secondary market will continue to push for increased access to online learning. Improvements in communication technologies along with increased access in rural environments allow for new markets and platforms to fulfill an ever increasing demand to online education.

Online learning platforms include the following choices to training and higher ed institutions.

Canvas is a free, very sleek and is attractive to users.  It is a very user friendly, providing simplicity.  Social media can be integrated within the system, which is very appealing…

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mLearnCon & mLearning DevCon 2013 Program Chair Announcment

I am so honored to be part of such a fantastic conference and to work with such a great group of people at the Guild. As Program Chair it is my job to take a look at what is needed to design, develop and deploy learning content in today’s mobile landscape. The Guild team and I have been working hard over the past few months to build a great program for mLearnCon 2013. With the addition of mLearning DevCon to the conference it allows us to focus in the “how to” side of the conference. DevCon will focus on building the technical skills and learning the tools needed for developing & deploying learning via mobile devices. Today’s technology options are requiring us to acquire new skills, tools  and approaches. As learning and development professionals we need to be ready and this conference is designed to get you there.

Hope you will join us this year!


More on BYOD for K-12

I just found this video on BYOD for K-12 by Cisco. This supports my sons post earlier today. No I did not nudge him to write that blog. It surprised me when his post popped up on my Google+ timeline

When he got home I asked him about it. He said he had been thinking about it for awhile and just wrote the blog. BTW he also told me he wrote and published it from his smartphone in his Advisory class. Nice!

Katy ISD Transforms Education with Mobile Learning

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Proud to be a part of this – 61 Tips on mLearning: Making Learning Mobile

I am reading through the ebook 61 Tips on mLearning: Making Learning Mobile produced by The Elearning Guild. I am flattered to have my thoughts included in this great resource for mLearning along with several industry experts. The Guild has put together another fantastic resource here for anyone building mobile learning.

Be sure and download this ebook here!

The contributors to this ebook are all part of the up coming Online Forms mLearning: Making Learning Mobile. If you are engaged in creating mobile learning in your organization or are about to start this journey, you should consider registering for this event.

mLearning: Making Learning Mobile | December 6 & 7, 2012 

Some great thought leader interviews to come from DevLearn 2012

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon

These are exciting times in the learning and development space. We are in a huge technology growth period right now. Technologies like mobile, cloud and the adaptation of social & informal learning for the enterprise are at the core of the opportunities in front of us. I think most of us would agree that these technologies are disruptive or at least they should be. It is true that not all organizations adapt new technologies at the same time. My friend Dr. Gary Woodill owner of i5 Research and the author of The Mobile Learning Edge illustrates this in his technology life-cycle curve. DevLearn has always been a great place to learn and have conversations about the edge of learning. It is also a great event to learn how early adopters are actually leveraging these new technologies and learn from them. I have identified several thought leaders who are talking about what is really happening in learning today to interview.

I am looking forward to sitting down at talking with these experts and sharing them with you as I always do. One of these really smart people is Brent Schlenker an expert in learning technology. Here is a Guild video by Brent on Designing For All Technologies.

Here is a partial list of the interviews I am conducting this year at DevLearn.

Keep an eye out for these great conversations and blog posts from DevLearn 2012

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Mobile Learning 101 for ASTD Puget Sound

Here is a video of my presentation for ASTD Puget Sounds 2012 WORKPLACE LEARNING CONFERENCE: Ignite Your Mojo. My slides are short little observations or questions meant to stimulate good discussion.  If you attended you know what I am talking about. If not, then please feel free to reach out for further discussion or check out some of my related articles.

Thank you, Aaron Silvers for your inspiration of the app Photo Circle I am always learning something from you!

Thank you,  Kody at the sun-river Nature Center. I loved your use of mobile technology for learning in the use of the app iBird. Hope to stop in and visit in December.
Be sure to search the twitter hash-tag for 10 additional tips

I have the privileged of meeting Dr. Bill Rankin of ACU at mLearnCOn 2011 and hearing him speak as part of a discussion panel. I love Dr. Rankins explanation below of how, throughout history, learning has changed with technology all the way to mobile.


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