New York Trip – Multi-Media workshop

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 8.55.44 PMI ran across this video I produced with my students of the ASTD Multi-media workshop. That was a really fun trip! I really enjoyed the people and sights of New York. I need to get back again soon.

The workshop focused on creating rapid video and audio without spending a ton gear. Desktop video and audio production.



Hats off to this series of blog posts by Intrepid Learning.


Series: Declaration of Modern Learner Rights blog posts VIA – Intrepid Learning

I just ran across this great series of blog entries from my friends at Intrepid Learning by Sam Herring on LinkedIn. Besides being a local company here in Seattle I’ve always respected the great work they do. I was first introduced to their work while I was at T-Mobile. I also respect their accessibility locally and involvement in ATD. Sam Herring who is CEO at Intrepid served on the ATD board of directors for 4 years and made big contributions to the learning community. Here is an interview I did with Sam for the ATD Puget Sound 2012 Workplace Learning Conference.


There are some really great blog articles in this series. I recommend you check them out and sign up to follow their blog. Don’t forget to download the cool infographic from the blog article I ♥ infographics . Enjoy!



State of Learning and Development Today an Interview Series

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon at 1871 Chicago during TechWeek 2012

For the past almost a year now, I have been working closely with a really great company Entirenet on some really cool projects. Entirenet is an experienced organization in L & D and has some very talented team members. One of the big projects we have been working on is a series of safety videos for the Washington Wine Industry. It has been a fun project. I am looking forward to sharing this project with you all when it is complete.

One of the conversations I have been having with Entirenet’s leadership team is about all the great things happening in learning and development today. As part of those discusions we have talked about our mutual belief in community and sharing our expertise. They really like the interviews that I do with industry thought leaders and asked if I could produce a series for their blog readers and community. I of course was flattered and jumped at the change to collaborate with them on another project.

Paolo Tosolini @ DevLearn 2009

Paolo Tosolini @ DevLearn 2009

As I was thinking about who I was going to interview and what I would talk to them about it occurred to me that there is an opportunity to put some thing really special together. Because my interviews in the past have been intentionally spontaneous and unplanned.  This particular interview series offered something a little bit different. I could be a little bit more strategic about my line of questions and choices in interviews. This type of approach would result in a more comprehensive outcome. What that means to me is that with a little planning this interview series could offer a relevant snapshot of the landscape of learning and development today.  We will take a look at important topics, issues and opportunities happening in our industry.  My goal is that by watching this series of interviews one could potentially leverage the combined expertise and insights of today’s thought leaders to build key strategies and roadmaps for an organization.

The 1st interview in this series Is with well known author, speaker and media expert Jonathan Halls. I caught up with Jonathan in Washington DC during ASTD ICE. We talked about the state of L & D today and how it has been changing in this post industrial age.

For the next series of interviews we will be taking a look at the next iteration of SCORM now called Experience API.  I believe that experience API is a game changer for our industry.  There is tremendous opportunity here and it is important that as a community we help shape this and take full advantage of what this new way of tracking learning has to offer.

Please join me and follow this series of interviews on the Entirenet blog. Click the link below.

UPDATE: Here is the second interview!

Teaching the ASTD Certificate Course New York

Here is a night time shot of the Statue of Liberty from the building the class was in. I was surprised at the result.

Here is a night time shot of the Statue of Liberty from the building the class was in. I was surprised at the result.

This December I had the privilege of teaching the ASTD Certificate Course in New York city. I really enjoyed this for many reasons. First off I really enjoy sharing me expertise and experience with others. It is very rewarding sharing what you are good at with others so that they can learn new skills and grow. It’s not a one sided deal I learn a lot each time I get in front of a group of people too. The class is a two day class and covers audio and video production. If you are interested in taking the class check out the ASTD website for additional information.

Put something extra in your presentation!

Ann at work…more like having fun

We added a little extra to our opening keynote presentation at the ASTD Puget Sound one day conference Ignite your Mojo. Not to detract from a fantastic keynote by Sam Herring CEO of Intrepid Learning Solutions. As Sam delivered his presentation “How Learning can drive Innovation Mojo.”  Ann Jess a Graphic Recording artist who owns a company called The Doodle Biz captured highlights visually on a large paper poster. It was really impressive how she transferred just the right points with colored markers. Everyone enjoyed viewing here final masterpiece. I love how it created an additional opportunity to review and further discuss the messages of the presentation. I also like the fact that you could not only hang the giant poster up at the event but you could also capture the poster with a camera to be distributed via social media, blogged or posted on a website. It is great how the visual message could live on!


Mobile Learning 101 for ASTD Puget Sound

Here is a video of my presentation for ASTD Puget Sounds 2012 WORKPLACE LEARNING CONFERENCE: Ignite Your Mojo. My slides are short little observations or questions meant to stimulate good discussion.  If you attended you know what I am talking about. If not, then please feel free to reach out for further discussion or check out some of my related articles.

Thank you, Aaron Silvers for your inspiration of the app Photo Circle I am always learning something from you!

Thank you,  Kody at the sun-river Nature Center. I loved your use of mobile technology for learning in the use of the app iBird. Hope to stop in and visit in December.
Be sure to search the twitter hash-tag for 10 additional tips

I have the privileged of meeting Dr. Bill Rankin of ACU at mLearnCOn 2011 and hearing him speak as part of a discussion panel. I love Dr. Rankins explanation below of how, throughout history, learning has changed with technology all the way to mobile.


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Another Ignite Your Mojo Interview with Cynthia Clay of NetSpeed

Here is another great conversation with one of our speakers at ASTDps 2012 WORKPLACE LEARNING CONFERENCE: Ignite Your Mojo! We have been working hard to put together a great line-up of speakers for the October 5th conference. I caught up with Cynthia Clay, President & CEO NetSpeed Learning Solutions. Cynthia is going to show us how to “Bring Your Mojo to the Virtual Classroom”.

I am really looking forward to hearing what Cynthia has to share. Virtual learning has such an important role in our training strategies.

Cynthia not only really knows her stuff but she is so much fun to be around. I am sure you will enjoy her session.

Cynthia as a some helpful books published be sure and check them out.

Be sure and check out the other speakers and sign up so you can get your learning mojo on!

Rapid Video Development for Trainers A Book Review

When I was serving on the ASTD Technowledge planning committee I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Halls. Jonathan and I went for coffee after the final planning committee meeting. We shared ideas as well as our passion for video, it was a one of those great conversations. Jonathan knows his stuff, he was a learning executive at the BBC, where he ran the prestigious production training department. Jonathan has also taught media and learning for almost 20 years. He is currently an adjunct professor at George Washington University.

I was flattered when Johnathon asked if he could interview me for the book he was writing. Of-course I agreed. As you would expect for a professional like Jonathon, the interview was a lot of fun and he brought out my best. A few months went by and then I received a package form Johnathan in the mail, it was the book and a nice hand written note of thank you.

I was excited to dig in and read the book. Right away I could see that Johnathon had put something together that would really be valuable for anyone interested in starting a great video program for their organization. Jonathan has great attention to detail and it shows in this book. There are so many little nuggets in this book. I like the way he explains things so that anyone can understand. The book is laid out nicely and includes photos and illustrations to demonstrate some important techniques. As an added value you can access videos to support some of the key points in the book.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in video. Not only should you read it end to end but keep it close by to use it as a reference.
The book is published by ASTD Press and is available here.

Here is Jonathon’s website.

Jonathan Halls & Associates