Another Ignite Your Mojo Interview with Cynthia Clay of NetSpeed

Here is another great conversation with one of our speakers at ASTDps 2012 WORKPLACE LEARNING CONFERENCE: Ignite Your Mojo! We have been working hard to put together a great line-up of speakers for the October 5th conference. I caught up with Cynthia Clay, President & CEO NetSpeed Learning Solutions. Cynthia is going to show us how to “Bring Your Mojo to the Virtual Classroom”.

I am really looking forward to hearing what Cynthia has to share. Virtual learning has such an important role in our training strategies.

Cynthia not only really knows her stuff but she is so much fun to be around. I am sure you will enjoy her session.

Cynthia as a some helpful books published be sure and check them out.

Be sure and check out the other speakers and sign up so you can get your learning mojo on!

Saying good bye to ADDIE?

This October at DevLearn 2012 I am sitting down with Dr. Michael Allen. I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say about his new book Leaving ADDIE for SAM. Are you following the conversations about this?

I believe this is an important step in bringing our processes of designing training up to the challenge of today’s complex business environment. These are exciting times in our industry. We have some huge opportunities in front of us!

Here is an older interview with Dr. Allen. What a great conversation with a great guy.

Conversations with Thought Leaders

One of the things that I enjoy most is conversations. One of the other things I enjoy is video production. I have joined these to things together by conducting interviews with thought leaders mostly in Learning and Development. I have posted many of them on my Youtube channel.
Here is one from the archives with my friend RJ Jacquez Former Adobe Evangelist. Conducted a few years back.

My Speaking Engagements & Committees:

  • mLearnCon & DevCon 2013 Program chair
  • ASTD Puget Sound Interest Groups – Board Member

Speaking Engagements


  • LSCon 2012 – Instructional Design for Mobile
  • ASTD Puget Sound Program Committee
  • ASTD Essentials of Mobile Learning Webinar Series
  • Float Mobile Learning Symposium
  • The eLearning Guild’s Online Forum – Video on a budget
  • eLearning Guilds Devlearn 09 – Mobile Learning
  • ASTD Techknowledge 2010 – Rapid Video
  • 2010 Lectora User Conference Proposal Review Committee
  • ASTD Techknowledge 2011 Planning Committee

Lectora Case Study


The elearning Guild interview

Just One Question for Jeff Tillett: The Key to Good mLearning Design

By sure and check out my thought leader interviews!

Join me for the ASTDps conference “Ignite Your Mojo”

I am very excited about the upcoming event ASTDps 2012 WORKPLACE LEARNING CONFERENCE: Ignite Your Mojo. This one-day conference that will be taking place on October 5, 2012 has been programmed to help you get your learning mojo on.  I am proud to be part of the planning committee. We have worked hard to put together a great program. We have a fantastic line-up of speakers already with more to be announced. I am hoping that a lot of my local friends will join me and of-course looking forward to meeting new ones.

One of the best things about conferences and events like this is the connections you make. It is always fun to share ideas and experiences with people who are working in the same industry as you. I have learned so much from the conversations and the back channels at conferences like this one. I have attended so many national events it will be great to make connections locally.

For more details on this event or to register visit

ASTD Puget Sound July Chapter Meeting

Great chapter meeting this month. The was a panel discussion about ASTD’s Ice 2012 conference by three people who attended this year.  I really enjoyed the discussion. The panel was hosted by. Karen Thornton our VP of Programs at ASTD Puget Sound Chapter. Karen is an instructional designer for SEIU Healthcare NW Training Partnership.

The panel members where Cynthia Clay, Craig Branham and Rick Shor.

I had a chance to interview each of them before the event. The interviews are available on the chapters Youtube channel.

I shot this video with my iPhone. If interested I have a blog post on creating rapid video for learning.

An adventure with Geaff Stead and John Polaschek at mLearnCon 2012 – we partied like geeks!

Geoff Stead and I hanging with the Qualcomm gang. Great night we took the limo to several tech companies and snapped photos in front of them. I think most of them would agree the highlight was riding around on the Google bikes.

John Polaschek

Here is my interview with Geoff Stead at mLearnCon 2012

Check out the blog and video on the Float Mobile Learning’s Blog and for more of my interviews other great content!

mLearnCon 2011

Another great year at mLearnCon conference for mobile learning. Year two proved to be a year of strategy. Company’s seem to know that they need to embrace mobile as part of their learning strategies. There where some serious questions as to how to implement mobile, what tools to use and technologies we should invests in. In my opinion it is to early to fully answer all of these questions. Again we tend to race to standardization when the possibilities have not fully evolved or been explored.

The key is to engage in mobile learning and follow the tech as it changes over the next few years. Hang on it will be a pretty fast moving ride. We should not get hung up on the how but focus on possibilities. Mobile presents opportunities to address training they way we naturally learn. I believe we learn best when there is an need. Mobile is out best option for just in time learning and can reach the learner where they need to learn.

As with all new types of technologies we leverage for learning we may need to reshape our content to fit the way it is delivered. In the same way we do not take a 8 hour classroom session and stuff it into an eLearning we will need to consider ways to fine tune our objectives and whittle down our content to fit mobile devices. We will also need to consider the fact the where and why may be different when it comes to mobile learning. We will be moving and may not be as focused when we bolted to our classroom chair or our desktop computer consuming an eLearning. The bottom line is mobile may force us to implement what we already know about learning and keep things simple. The fire hose approach to training just will not work for mobile. Refine your objectives, streamline your content and make it engaging.

To see the interviews I conducted with some of the thought leaders Check out Float Learning’s Blog.

I hope to see you next year


Getting the most out of attending a conference

I remember the first few conferences I attended, I was not sure what to expect and how to get the most out of it. Since then I have attended and spoke a lot of conferences, I believe I now know how to get what I need out of them. I thought I would put a short list of ways to get the most out of attending any conference.

  • Before you leave review the conference schedule closely and read about the presenters.
  • Establish an objective. What do you want to learn about? Decide what sessions you are interested in attending.
  • Know who you want to network with or get to know when you are there?
  • If you have contacts that may be there it may be good to reach out before the conference gets going if you want to meet up. The conference will go by a lot faster than you think and you may not get the chance.
  • Download the conference app to your mobile device before you leave and spend some time getting to know it.
  • If you are not on Twitter sign up. Even if you don’t plan on continuing after the conference it is still worth it. If you actively participate in the Twitter stream you may just see the value in it and can apply what you learn for future Twitter use after the conference.
  • Follow the back-channel on social media. There are a lot of people blogging about most conferences on personal blogs, official blogs, linkedin groups, Google +. Watch for the conference hash tag on these sites.
  • Get there early first day, don’t be late, sleep in or be rushed. Get up early and have a good breakfast and coffee up if that is what gets you going in the morning.
  • Attend all the keynotes. The keynote speakers are usually great and there are defiantly some ones this year.
  • Don’t sleep…ok just kidding but don’t hide in your hotel room. I know the rooms at the hotel rooms are fantastic and the fuzzy robes are comfy or so I hear, but you need to get out in the evenings. Meet people, go to dinner (there will be dinner group postings at the event), strike up conversations in the bar. Set a goal to meet new people, share, converse, engage and network.
  • Take notes, exchange cards, scan QR codes. If you don’t have a QR code reader and you have a smartphone then download one from the market place.
  • Go to the Expo. See what companies are doing. See how new technologies are emerging to make your job easier.
  • Most of all have fun. Fun is infectious. It makes you interesting and people will want to talk to you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next conference and please feel free to come up and say hi.