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Myth busted – The Golden Ratio

5d1c4952-47e9-49f5-b0b0-429f5f5c50c7-largeI am sharing an good article that looks at the design rule called The Golden Ratio. I have always felt that where there is a rule there is an exception. When it comes to design I think it’s always good to know the rules, accept them as starting points or guidelines then follow your gut. Lets face it what people find aesthetically appealing is subjective anyways.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder right? enjoy,


Here is the article on fastcodesign.com
The Golden Ratio: Design’s Biggest Myth

Paying it forward

13Last night my wife and I watched the movie pay it forward again. What a simple concept yet so powerful. What do you think would happen to the world if we truly started a movement like that? If we treated others with love, kindness and compassion. What if we helped others and lifted them up when they needed it?

If there was ever a time when we needed a movement like this it’s now. The fact the we have to question who’s lives matter should be a big red flag. There are so may problems in the world that need our attention it can be overwhelming at times.

I believe the only way to get past this is to focus on ourselves. You can’t change others. Not even by calling them out on Facebook (sarcasm). We can’t blame republicans, we can blame the democrats and if you think it all comes down to who’s president then god help us. It’s about you! How do you treat others? Are you showing those around you how we should treat others? Who matters to you?

BeON Home’s Smart Lightbulbs Aim To Out-Smart An Intruder


In recent years, we’ve seen a plethora of so-called ‘smart lightbulbs’ arrive on the market, often providing consumers with their first foray into the smart home. The obvious examples are Philips Hue and Kickstarter fueled LIFX. However, as I’ve noted before, aside from being ‘connected’ and controllable via an app, for the most part smart lightbulbs and many other smart home products aren’t particularly smart after all. Enter BeON Home‘s smart lighting system that, through the power of light, aims to out-smart would-be intruders.

Currently being crowd funded on Kickstarter, the BeON Burglar Deterrent is a set of LED-lightbulbs based on the premise that crime prevention is favourable over crime detection. The smart lightbulbs install just like regular lightbulbs, including working with your existing wall switches, but — thanks to an additional ‘smart’ module — introduce a degree of intelligence. Specifically, the system learns your home’s lighting patterns, which are then…

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Pillow Talk Lets You Send Your Heartbeat To Your Lover Remotely


Long distance relationships are hard. First, obviously, there’s the distance. Then there is the worrying, the fussing, and the concern that your significant other is going to movies without you. Fear and recrimination follow and anger results and things fall apart. Pillow Talk by LittleRiot hopes to solve that.

The product, which is launching on Kickstarter soon, is a wearable that transmits your heartbeat through a little speaker that you hide inside your pillow. When you place your head on said pillow you can hear the primary muscle in your partner’s human circulatory system do its tireless work, thereby offering the illusion of closeness no matter how far apart you are.

Created by Joanna Montgomery, the product was a university project turned viral. She raised a seed round of about $200,000 and is looking for funding to complete product design so she can begin crowdfunding.

“What we’re trying to do…

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My Father Ron Tillett


My dad ripping hills with us at 60 something!

As a parent you realize how tough it is to be worthy of being looked up to. It’s not easy consistently being a great person. The kind of person others like to be around and people would strive to be like. In my role as a parent I have realized how challenging it is to always make the right decisions, to set a good example or inspire my children to be great. I am very fortunate to have had someone my father that I could constantly look up too like. Being a good role model to your children has got to be one of the most challenging things. Your family is not like the rest of the world they see you for who you are, they see you at your lowest. They are there as you struggle through life’s challenges and watch how you try and pick your self back up and get back in the game. I believe that anyone can be great when they are at the top. What makes a man a man, is how he deals with being at the bottom or facing challenges. We all go through tough times. Life changes, loosing jobs, health issues, relationship struggles are a part of life, everyone goes through these things. Some people let it get them down and others grab the bull by the horns take it head on. My father is the kind of man who always took the problem head on and just kicked its ass. I am so lucky to have worked side by side with my dad through out my life. He taught me how to work hard, he taught me skills and he taught me that I could do anything I put my mind too.

I am so lucky to have such a mentor, teacher and life coach like my father. He has always been there and always will. The lessons he has taught me make me who I am today. I am still a work in progress and someday I hope to be worthy of filling his shoes.

I love you dad, happy fathers day!

Your number one son!


State of Learning and Development Today an Interview Series

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon

My conversation with Shay Howe of Groupon at 1871 Chicago during TechWeek 2012

For the past almost a year now, I have been working closely with a really great company Entirenet on some really cool projects. Entirenet is an experienced organization in L & D and has some very talented team members. One of the big projects we have been working on is a series of safety videos for the Washington Wine Industry. It has been a fun project. I am looking forward to sharing this project with you all when it is complete.

One of the conversations I have been having with Entirenet’s leadership team is about all the great things happening in learning and development today. As part of those discusions we have talked about our mutual belief in community and sharing our expertise. They really like the interviews that I do with industry thought leaders and asked if I could produce a series for their blog readers and community. I of course was flattered and jumped at the change to collaborate with them on another project.

Paolo Tosolini @ DevLearn 2009

Paolo Tosolini @ DevLearn 2009

As I was thinking about who I was going to interview and what I would talk to them about it occurred to me that there is an opportunity to put some thing really special together. Because my interviews in the past have been intentionally spontaneous and unplanned.  This particular interview series offered something a little bit different. I could be a little bit more strategic about my line of questions and choices in interviews. This type of approach would result in a more comprehensive outcome. What that means to me is that with a little planning this interview series could offer a relevant snapshot of the landscape of learning and development today.  We will take a look at important topics, issues and opportunities happening in our industry.  My goal is that by watching this series of interviews one could potentially leverage the combined expertise and insights of today’s thought leaders to build key strategies and roadmaps for an organization.

The 1st interview in this series Is with well known author, speaker and media expert Jonathan Halls. I caught up with Jonathan in Washington DC during ASTD ICE. We talked about the state of L & D today and how it has been changing in this post industrial age.

For the next series of interviews we will be taking a look at the next iteration of SCORM now called Experience API.  I believe that experience API is a game changer for our industry.  There is tremendous opportunity here and it is important that as a community we help shape this and take full advantage of what this new way of tracking learning has to offer.

Please join me and follow this series of interviews on the Entirenet blog. Click the link below.


UPDATE: Here is the second interview! 


Mistakes & new things

Some good insights here for upgrading to the latest Adobe Premier. I just upgraded to Maverick so I could update some of my Adobe CC versions. I have not pinpointed all the differences. I rely on the popup for setting the video properties on import. I will need a new workflow for this.

Zoe Opal East

When I started my project in Premiere I noticed some differences, and when I dropped clips into the timeline I had to scale them down by over half to fit into the space on screen. I though this was weird as usually a screen pops up when you being to chose sizes and settings. This is a difference between the CS6 version in uni and the Creative cloud version that I have. It became and issue when I wanted to use the warp stabilise tool on an unstable shot (WOW, that tool is amazing!) I tried to apply it and a warning came up, ‘Warp stabiliser requires clip to match sequence settings’ I didn’t really know what this meant.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 21.33.08

I googled some tutorial videos although they didn’t help. However one shot from one of the videos inspired me to search for the sequence settings (the box which was missing from…

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