My kids got some video skills. Prince Blaine/Domino’s Music video!


I’ve got some talented kids for sure. Yeah I know all parents say that. I get it but no really!

Over the last number of years as I have been doing corporate video work one benefit is that I have some cool gear. By gear i mean video cameras, DSLR’s, GoPros , lighting and sound equipment. I surly don’t mind and neither do my boys.

Ever since they where young they’ve been into making videos. It started with Thomas The Tank Engine doing stop motion stuff. You know frame by frame. You know take a photo move the object take another photo. When you sting them altogether you get movement. A great way to learn video production. Well it worked. They both are now very efficient behind a video camera as well as in the editing room. Even has taken it a step further by going to Bellevue collage to get a degree in Media Arts. His passion is motion graphics, Special effects.

Anyways I digress. The reason I started this post was to share their latest project. It’s music video for our neighbor Blaine. He is an aspiring artist who happens to be also working a Damino’s Pizza. Anyways Blaine put this song together about working for Damino’s and how much he operantly digs it. Hi apparently slightly modified the beats of 50 Cent. Well you just got to check it out.



Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 4.55.10 PM

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