Videos for Real Estate

20121317_1259952540797882_7557224238060855584_oThings have been pretty busy over at Mojocat Creative Services. As a strategy I have been trying to focus where my passion is. I have always enjoyed the video work I have done in my corporate career. I believe my experience as an Instructional Designer gives me a big advantage in creating interesting, engaging and successful videos. My ID career has given me some great experience working with video. Working in the studio at Apple and editing video was a privilege and a real learning experience. I also enjoyed when I was at T-Mobile helping them create a rapid video program. I learned a lot and we had a blast.Tom as Android Like that time I created the Android custom and had a co-worker go around the office while my friend John and I filmed it.

One important thing I have learned about video is that if you have fun so will your audience.

A few years back I had the privilege of doing a series of safety videos for Washington Wineries and the Department of Labor and Industries. This was a very fun project as well as a great learning experience. I was able to film all over the state of Washington in some of the most amazing wineries. I shot the grape crush as well as the entire process of winemaking.  Here is the test video I did. It’s music video so its a bit more fun than the safety videos to watch.

Winery Safety Project Sample

Most recently We’ve have teamed up with our friends at Rain City NW and Keller Williams to help them create videos to not only promote their listings but to help them build there brand so they stand out from their competition. We have three videos in the can as they say.  Our first two listing video where just launched and are creating quite a buzz. We are just starting and I am looking forward to all the great things we will do together. Here is one of our first listing videos. Stay tuned for much more from them.

We would be happy to assist your business with video, motion or interactive content. Feel free to reach out to share ideas on how we can help.

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