Paying it forward

13Last night my wife and I watched the movie pay it forward again. What a simple concept yet so powerful. What do you think would happen to the world if we truly started a movement like that? If we treated others with love, kindness and compassion. What if we helped others and lifted them up when they needed it?

If there was ever a time when we needed a movement like this it’s now. The fact the we have to question who’s lives matter should be a big red flag. There are so may problems in the world that need our attention it can be overwhelming at times.

I believe the only way to get past this is to focus on ourselves. You can’t change others. Not even by calling them out on Facebook (sarcasm). We can’t blame republicans, we can blame the democrats and if you think it all comes down to who’s president then god help us. It’s about you! How do you treat others? Are you showing those around you how we should treat others? Who matters to you?

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