Pillow Talk Lets You Send Your Heartbeat To Your Lover Remotely


Long distance relationships are hard. First, obviously, there’s the distance. Then there is the worrying, the fussing, and the concern that your significant other is going to movies without you. Fear and recrimination follow and anger results and things fall apart. Pillow Talk by LittleRiot hopes to solve that.

The product, which is launching on Kickstarter soon, is a wearable that transmits your heartbeat through a little speaker that you hide inside your pillow. When you place your head on said pillow you can hear the primary muscle in your partner’s human circulatory system do its tireless work, thereby offering the illusion of closeness no matter how far apart you are.

Created by Joanna Montgomery, the product was a university project turned viral. She raised a seed round of about $200,000 and is looking for funding to complete product design so she can begin crowdfunding.

“What we’re trying to do…

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