Led Zeppelin Reunion?

the-song-remains-the-same-2I have to admit I am a huge Zep fan. I have most of their music on vinyl and their entire catalog digitally. I have listened to it many times from from first recording to most current including some rare bootlegs. I have seen a ton of bands live but not them, I am sad to say. I do have several live performance DVDs, a great way to get a live experience. In some ways the a good DVD of a live performance has advantages because it really puts you on stage with the performers. It also allows you to enjoy a live music experience any time you feel the need. You are not dependent on if the band is on tour or not. In the case of bands like Led Zeppelin see them live is highly unlikely. Another advantage is you get to see the band in its prime. Reunion tours are great but in sometimes it is just not the same. It may not be the full or original lineup. I also like the rockcumentaries and have several of them like The Song Remains The Same and U2’s Rattle and Hum. Both of witch I saw when they came out in theaters and continue to relive at home. I remember when Rattle and Hum came out I was to impatient to wait for my friends and I to match schedules so I went solo sneaking a six pack under my coat. It was epic. I am also a big fan of the band Heart and my wife and I go see them pretty much every time they play here in Seattle. Ann and Nancy Wilson are huge Zep fans BTW and always play a Zep cover or two in each show. I would venture to say they really get the Led out. Dare I say as good as Zep..don’t kill me for saying that you would have to see it live to understand. We have several DVDs of shows we have attended. There are several times that we can see our selves in the audience Ann and Nancy Willson of Heartproving to our friends that we where there. 🙂 Watching a show on DVD that you have attended really helps you relive the experience. My collection of live performance DVDs keeps growing. If you have not experienced a live performance DVD I highly recommend it. You wont have to seek a six pack under your coat either.

Here is the article and video clip that inspired this post. Led Zeppelin Discuss Vikings, Sex and Hobbits With David Letterman.

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