Following Project Tin Can?

I have captured several great conversations on video following the progress of Project Tin Can. These conversations are with people that are involved with this important project in various capacities. This next iteration of SCORM is reshaping the future of how we look at learning.  I have created the following play list on YouTube. The first video titled “The Tin Can API – SCORM could do more” created by Rustici Software then I move on to my interviews. Watching this entire play list would be great way to get familiar with the project.

I am planning on conducting a few more interviews at the end of the month at DevLearn in Las Vagas.


4 thoughts on “Following Project Tin Can?

  1. Jeff – great videos on Tin Can. How do builders of content get the TIn Can statements “embeded” into content which allows it to be shared to an information store besides Articulate that was mentioned in one of the videos?

    • Hi Darren, the Tin Can API specification describes how to use basic HTTP methods to send statements to an LRS endpoint. Any system that can make HTTP calls (really, anything connected to the internet — or at least the network the LRS is on) can send statements. Right now not many content tools support Tin Can directly (and Articulate’s support is a first stab that might work differently in the future), so “builders of content” using authoring tools are only adopting slowly, but those who use programming to create content are adopting much more rapidly (knowledgeguru, gold stars, and many other apps).

      I hope that’s a helpful description of the situation. I’m happy to answer any further questions you have, too.

  2. Great question Darren. Thanks for chiming in Russell. I am sure there are will be many companies trying to figure out how this will affect their organization. It would make a great topic to discuss with ASTD Puget Sound.

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