Does rapid video really work for learning?

There is a great discussion happening in the eLearning Guild’s Linkedin group. The topic is on the use of video for learning. Lots of thoughts and good advice. I am a believer in video for learning. Over the last 7 years I made a lot of video for learning and development. The videos have been used in many different ways. I can tell you it works from my experience and just plain old observation. The proof is out there and it is easy to see. You cant tell me that you have never searched youtube and learned how to do something via video. I think that’s one we can all agree on.

This is all prosumer level gear

This is all prosumer level gear

One of the next questions is how fancy do we need to get? Do need only high quality videos or can I go Youtube style? Can we buy low end gear and just go at it? What equipment is best? The real answer here is … are you ready…wait for it…”it depends”.

Depends on what, you may ask. It depends on the message, the audience and the culture of your organization. I also would say that most companies need both. One organization that I worked for had retail stores. The employees where 20-somethings. When we used high end video with spinning logos, polished transitions and people in ties the audience was not as engaged. As a matter of fact in some ways it turned them off. The video was looked at as a top-down message. Something they had to watch. However when we did a more rapid YouTube style video and used top performers and real people for simulations and training videos, it worked!

Each company needs to step back and take a look at how rapid video could increase the possibilities of learning. Running some pilots would probably be a good place to start. Do some research for ways you could deliver it or use it. How you are going to measure its effectiveness?

A far as doing it yourself, if you are willing to put the time in to learn some new skills and technology, and you would enjoy the creative part of the job, go for it.

In the meantime check out this video on YouTube. Watch it. Then ask yourself if you learned something from watching this video.

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