Three Great Examples of Video Libraries for Learning

I believe that a good video learning library is a great way to expand the reach of your training. Think of videos as little learning objects. The videos could be part of a large training effort and used in various parts of your training. For example you could embed the video on company websites such as SharePoint portals or maybe in your internal social network. You could also embed the videos into an eLearning or used as part of a virtual training session. Not to forget it is a great way to support or enhance your stand up training.

Me capturing a coaching moment

I am not saying you need to build some sort of expensive video streaming server for a crazy price. In the future it will be easier to do this sort of thing when you have a Cloud Network. For now there are really simple solutions for very little cost using external services. I will give you an example. When I was at T-Mobile we used Viddler as a host for our videos. We actually shared an account with marketing to keep the cost down. The videos permission was set to privet so they could not be found out in the wild as they say.  Once a video was posted you could grab the embed code and post the video wherever you needed. I could post on any sites or I could even add the code to my Lectora course. This method really worked great: post once deploy anywhere. This could also be done  with YouTube or many other media services.

One other possibility is to create your own video library. This could be accomplished a number of ways with a variety of tools. You can still keep your videos hosted on that external streaming media service. The library is just using the embed code as before. This could be done with a SharePoint site or maybe your Wiki. You could also use a standard web server. If you’re worried about writing code for this you could use a tool like Adobe Contribute do handle the heavy lifting. There really are a ton of options for this part. A lot of them are inexpensive or free if you leverage what you already have.

Three great examples of video libraries

YouTube is a rather obvious example of the fact that we can learn from a video. It also showed the world that people love video. It proves that we like user generated content. One major drawback is that it is not great design. It is mixed content. Youtube is optimized for channels. If you want to learn something you may have to search through a few not so good videos. But there are some gems out there. Here is a fun video I enjoy playing as an example of learning from video. It also shows that your video does not have to be high production for you to learn from it. Easily Hack a Combination Lock

One great example of video for learning is This is a good example of an organized and focused library of learning content. I am a big fan of I have learned many tips and tricks from Lynda training videos. Not only can you access Lynda when you want to learn some new software but it is also a place you can go to learn how to do a specific thing.

I also have been following the Khan Academy their tag line is “Learn almost anything for free”. They are just being honest, they have over 3,400 videos. The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education. That is a pretty ambitious goal don’t you think? After watching Salman Khans TED video I am a believer. Maybe there are some lessons here for corporate learning.

In know , I know why didn’t I just make a video for this post?

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