The Beginning of Electronic Music

My son Evan posted this video on his Facebook timeline. I am pretty sure he found it while looking at DubStep videos. Well, it got me thinking about a few things. Que cheesy day dream sequence music. I have always been into music. As a kid I was a fan of Micheal Jackson and Donny Osmond. It seemed to just go with the Brady Bunch thing. OK, my point is that it was all was analogue then. It seems so far away from now. I was a DJ for many years. Man it was a lot of fun playing for clubs, parties and dances back in the day. A lot of good music came out of the 70’s. Great rock and of course the disco thing was huge. The first time I DJ’ed it was all on 45 records. Here let me dig out my disco whistle, toot toot hay beep beep. The last event I programed was a corporate event several years ago I used my Macbook, iTunes and JBL powered speakers. It sounded great for all the newer digital music however some of the older analog stuff sounded a bit flat. On the flip side, if I break out that same music and play it at home on my turntable and my huge 80’s speakers it sounds fantastic. Don’t get me wrong I am still a fan of the newer digital music. I have an old Mac tower with a 1tb drive dedicated to my digital library that is playing through the same system as my turntable. I love programming play lists or listening to a artist entire catalog first record to last. There is always some music on, analog or digital. The thing is, it’s all music to my ears. Enjoy!


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