Geeks and Music

Did you know the band Boston was a band full of geeks. The founding member Tom Scholz went to MIT and after he graduated with a masters degree he went to work for Polaroid. With his phat techie paycheck he built a studio in his house and designed his own peddles for his guitar to get that very distinctive sound. He spent several years working on the first Boston album, recording demo after demo until he got the sound right. Tom played every instrument except drums on several of the hits. The first time I heard Boston it was on a borrowed 8 track player. I was on a long road trip and the tape looped over and over. I was listening through a pair of those huge 70’s headphones. Anyone remember those? The sound was amazing, it was one of the best studios albums of the 70’s. One of my favorite music experiences.


..close your eyes and slip away!

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